Why Buy Chalet?

...Our patented High Wind Harness holds our roof panels securely and outperforms any other A­ frame wind kit.
...Our A­frame campers provide eight generous feet of headspace. Feel free to stand tall with Chalet.
...Lightweight construction and collapsible design allow for fuel efficiency, easy towing, and convenient storage.
... Keeping campers and wild life safe, campgrounds assign sites based on camper type, our hard sided campers allow access to more remote sites.

...High quality vacuum bonded sidewalls and roofs help keep our campers comfortable, regardless of what’s happening outside.
...Optional hard sided dormers keep campers comfortable and provide 80” of head space. With our dormer, there’s no canvas to dry out or replace.

...Spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Set up and take down our A­frames in less than thirty seconds.
...The XL line comes standard with our patented Power Lift System. No heavy overhead lifting and no push poles. Set up and take down with the push of a button.
...Our A­frame campers are built on powder coated steel frames, providing a sturdy foundation and years of rust protection.
...Our unique, high quality vacuum bonded flooring with insulated laminate is lightweight and rot resistant.