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TremPro 644 (Black)

  • Features:
  • Creates a waterproof seal at seams between joined parts
    Adheres to rubber-like roofing materials, aluminum, galvanized metal, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and even mortar and concrete
    Compatible with EPDM and TPO roof coverings
    Withstands a variety of environmental conditions
    Pliable when cured to maintain seal between parts that can shift or flex
    Adaptable to temperature changes and consequent expansion and contraction of sealed parts
  • Specs:Applications: seams and joints in enclosed trailers and RVs; construction
    Quantity: 10.1-fl-oz cartridge
  • Comes in many colors i.e. Black, White and Clear

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SKU: TA4004
Category: Silicone & Adhesive
Tags: Silicone
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